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My Interview on The Investor Podcast

I did an interview earlier this month on The Investor Podcast with Preston Psyh and Stig Brodersen.  We covered a lot of different topics, but focused mainly on my white paper “Understanding the Modern Monetary System”.  We discuss: The importance of forming a sound operational understanding of the monetary system not only for investment purposes,… Read More

The Disciplined Investor Podcast Interview

I was on the Disciplined Investor podcast over the weekend with Andrew Horowitz discussing China’s “black box” of finance and some of the ways in which investors can stress test their portfolios. We move into the area of robo-advising and how that may be hazardous to your health over the long-term.  We also touched on the… Read More

RealVision TV Interview: The Macro View

This was a really fun wide ranging interview I did with RealVision TV. RealVision is an exclusively finance related online TV channel airing unique one on one interviews and perspectives of the financial markets. They are creating a sort of Netflix for Financial TV. I am not one to promote outside products, but once you… Read More

Boom/Bust Interview – Bonds, Housing & The Economy

I did a brief interview on Boom/Bust yesterday. We touched on a number of points: Why this economy deserves more respect than it’s getting. I explained how the recent recoveries are actually becoming longer and more stable than past recoveries. In essence, they’re becoming better “risk adjusted” recoveries. That shouldn’t be overlooked despite the fact… Read More

Boom/Bust Interview Part 2: Macro Thoughts

Here’s the second part of my Boom/Bust interview from last week.  If you missed part 1 you can see it here.  In this video I discussed: The buyback boom and how corporations now prefer using funds to boost EPS and stock prices via share buybacks as opposed to making long-term investments in the company.  This… Read More

Podcast Appearance With Michael Covel

I joined Michael Covel on his awesome Podcast this week.  I’m usually listening to other people on his podcast while I workout so it was weird being the guest.  But this was a really fun interview.  The podcast format is so much better than the standard media interview which is brief and doesn’t allow for… Read More