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RealVision TV Interview: The Macro View

This was a really fun wide ranging interview I did with RealVision TV. RealVision is an exclusively finance related online TV channel airing unique one on one interviews and perspectives of the financial markets. They are creating a sort of Netflix for Financial TV.

I am not one to promote outside products, but once you see the quality of this interview you’ll see why I like the product. They have gotten access to some great thinkers in the last 6 months including Jeff Gundlach, Kyle Bass, Howard Lindzon, Barry Ritholtz, etc.  Pragcap readers will get a 25% discount for the service if they use the discount code ORCAM.

You can check out my full interview here or by clicking the image attached below.  I hope you enjoy.

Screenshot 2015-06-17 15.00.58