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The 4 Funds GFAPIs there a placed we could have acces to quaterly data of the glob … Read More
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Cullen Roche
Countercyclical StrategyI like Dan and his team. Interesting that I am not mentioned at al … Read More
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Understanding Government Liabilities

I keep running into a strange issue in macroeconomic discussions – no one seems to agree on how we should account for government liabilities. For instance, Gold standard economists believe [ … ]

The Psychology of the Stock Market, in One Image

What a wild year it’s been. You could say that the pandemic was like an entire market cycle all rolled into one year. A boom, a bust and a boom. [ … ]

Understanding Modern Portfolio Construction

My newest research paper, Understanding Modern Portfolio Construction, is available on SSRN. This paper is the culmination of years of work and I consider it to be the most important piece of research I’ve published.

Understanding Money

Just letting readers know that I’ve updated the “Understanding Money” section on the Orcam website.  My goal is to make this a comprehensive section of the site helping people better [ … ]

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