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Stock returnsHello, Thanks for that. Regards. Read More
Future InflationHi Cullen, Thanks for all your great work here and especially i … Read More
Cullen Roche
Your thoughts!hi @bangalore This is best answered in private. Why dont you sh … Read More
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Labor Participation & InflationHi @hugo. Honestly, I am not sure why inflation has been so low … Read More
Cullen Roche
Treasury Balance SheetHi @hugo. Thanks for listening! Glad you enjoyed it. Reserve … Read More
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The Only Basic Financial Advice You’ll Ever Need

If there’s one thing I am most proud of it’s that I became 100% financially independent (meaning I relied on no other entity or person for income or financial assistance) before [ … ]

What Is Money?

What is Money? From an economic and financial perspective understanding precisely what money is and how it influences the economy is crucial. Why? Because money is the most important tool we use [ … ]

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