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Cullen Roche
yuge jump in personal savings rat …Hi @JTU, It will come down. This is basically the result of a s … Read More
Cullen Roche
Civil UnrestHi @CLARENCEBEEKS, I tend to think that the idea that the Fed c … Read More
China's Crack Down on Hong Kong?I sniffed that out.. Look at the capital flight into dollars.. htt … Read More
General economic question  Thank you for the response.   Yes, I was thinking about ho … Read More
Cullen Roche
non-bank QE and inflation revisit …Hi @LAMPASSES, Impossible to know to be honest. Interest rates … Read More
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EVERYONE Funds Their Spending

One of the most confused (and confusing) elements of endogenous money is the idea of “funding”. Endogenous money is not a new theory, but it is not well understood even [ … ]

Why Indexing Works

I am a big advocate of low cost diversified indexing in much the same way that most Vanguard funds work. The reason for this is simple – it’s been proven [ … ]

Understanding the Art of Doing Nothing

Most of what we end up doing in our lives is determined not by what we decide to do, but by what we decide NOT to do. In the course [ … ]

The Appropriate Portfolio vs the Optimal Portfolio

Should we pursue appropriate portfolios or optimal portfolios?

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