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Podcast Appearance With Michael Covel

I joined Michael Covel on his awesome Podcast this week.  I’m usually listening to other people on his podcast while I workout so it was weird being the guest.  But this was a really fun interview.  The podcast format is so much better than the standard media interview which is brief and doesn’t allow for such an open exchange.  We touched on a ton of topics here:

  • How I got started blogging and writing.
  • The importance of investing in yourself and thinking like an entrepreneur.
  • Why the word “pragmatic” has become so important to me.
  • Why the US government isn’t bankrupt.
  • The importance of understanding behavioral finance.
  • The importance of learning from your mistakes.
  • Myths about the Fed and central banks.
  • Dr. Laurie Santos and her findings on how monkeys act just like we do with money.
  • The importance of understanding quantifiable risk.
  • Learning to think in a macro sense.

This was a fun interview.  I hope you enjoy.  Listen here.  

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