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My Interview on The Investor Podcast

I did an interview earlier this month on The Investor Podcast with Preston Psyh and Stig Brodersen.  We covered a lot of different topics, but focused mainly on my white paper “Understanding the Modern Monetary System”.  We discuss:

  • The importance of forming a sound operational understanding of the monetary system not only for investment purposes, but for political purposes
  • How innovation can overcome regulations and demographic problems
  • Why it’s the banks and not the Federal Reserve that is “printing money”
  • Why and how the US financial system is different than in Europe
  • Why quantitative easing is nothing more than a simple asset swap
  • Why the US shouldn’t peg the dollar to a commodity or a basket of currencies

You can listen to the full interview here.  If you have questions about anything don’t hesitate to pop over to the forum to ask questions.  I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot.