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The Investors Podcast – Masterclass on Inflation Continued

I joined The Investor’s Podcast for the 9th time! I am officially the Alec Baldwin of the show, but far less handsome. We continued our talk about inflation and how to navigate these difficult times. If you missed the first Masterclass on Inflation please check it out here.

I hope you learn something new from this:


  • Why inflation will be moderate in the coming years.
  • Why deflation is more likely than hyperinflation.
  • Whether velocity of money is important for inflation.
  • Whether a negative budget balance leads to inflation.
  • How do you include inflation expectations in your retirement portfolio.
  • What the optimal inflation or deflationary target is.
  • What would a deflationary world look like?
  • Whether we are entering a period of a “Fed call”.
  • What the 2Y treasury is telling us.