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The Investor’s Podcast Interview

You’re not gonna believe this, but I recorded a Podcast recently. But trust me, this one is really good. I joined Stig Brodersen and Preston Pysh on The Investor’s Podcast. They always ask the best questions and deep dive into topics in a very educational and informational way. In this one we covered the whole gamut of financial topics including:

  • The main advantage of centralized currencies
  • Why the risk of inflation is more likely to come from the Treasury than from the Federal Reserve
  • Why growth stocks typically perform better in a low inflation environment and value stocks perform better in a high inflation environment
  • Where to find value in international equities
  • How should investors navigate the current market conditions?
  • Ask The Investors: What is the relationship between inflation, interest rates, and house prices?

You can listen here directly on their website or pick your own podcasting source here. I hope you enjoy.