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The Biggest Myths in Investing

The following ten posts include some of the biggest myths in the investing world. I hope you find them educational and informative. If you finish this and feel ultra nerdy you might enjoy my post on the Biggest Myths in Economics.¹

Myth #1 – The “Investing” Myth

Myth #2 – The Stock Market Is Where You Get Rich

Myth # 3 – You Need To Beat The Market

Myth # 4 – Indexing is Average

Myth # 5 – Bonds Lose Value if Rates Rise

Myth # 6 – Gold is a Good Portfolio Hedge

Myth # 7 – Fees are a Small Price to Pay for Expert Advice

Myth # 8 – More Information Will Give me an Immediate Advantage

Myth # 9 – Risk is Something we can Quantify

Myth # 10 – Forecasts are Useless

¹ – Boy, there sure is a lot of bull shit out there, huh?