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John Carney at CNBC has put together a really nice list of the best financial blogs.  Pragcap happens to be on the list (thanks John, the check’s in the mail!), but more importantly, the list contains a dozen or so other really excellent sites.  Financial blogs have become, in my opinion, the single best place to obtain unbiased and informative financial news and opinions.  The best part is that you get pick and choose which sites you visit and which sites will influence your decision making.   Aside from analyst reports, I get 80% of my daily news from financial blogs.  They’re invaluable resources and I read just about every one on John’s list (or at least try to).

John has collected a superb list with wide ranging perspectives.  If you’re organizing a collection of financial blogs to read on a daily basis you can’t go wrong bookmarking almost every one of these sites and plugging them into your daily news feed.  The diversity of this list will provide you with opinions you disagree with and ideas that will keep you unbiased and objective.

Check out the list here.

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