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This video (below) of about 500 tanks being transported by train was posted in the comments section from Zero Hedge.  Now, I’m almost certainly taking a case of micro and extrapolating out to macro to some degree, but I think it’s safe to say that this video pretty nicely summarizes how distorted the country’s priorities are right now. We live in a time of relative peace, but there’s a domestic war raging on the unemployment lines. 8.5% of our workforce is unemployed, our economy is stagnant, our cities are falling apart. And what are we doing? We’re building and shipping thousands of machines that kill people and destroy cities.

Now, I’m about as a big a supporter of the military as you’ll find, but are our priorities not totally out of whack right now?  The most sickening part of this is that we’re actually beginning to discuss military cut backs. The Pentagon has released a plan to cut back $500B in spending. Great news right? Less killing and destruction and better living standards and production, right? Not so fast. Because we think we’re broke or at risk of hyperinflation (something Modern Monetary Realism thoroughly disproves), we aren’t planning to alter the spending course.  No, we’re going to reduce the budget so that we can avoid the mythical Greek moment that is never going to come here (that CAN’T come here!).

Talk about having your priorities out of whack….Misunderstanding the monetary system is killing this country one minute at a time.  And we don’t even need tanks to achieve all that killing!  We just need a government that has no idea how the monetary system functions!

*The price tag of 1 M1 Abrams tank: $4.35MM.   That’s a lot of new infrastructure…..

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