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  • One news story really jumped out at me.  Sears raised their earnings guidance this morning.  And they didn’t just boost it – they surpassed analyst expectations by a mile.  They raised their low end for Q4 guidance a full 27% higher than analysts expect.  They raised the high end of their guidance a full 53% higher than analysts expectations.   They’re one of several retailers raising guidance recently, but this one jumped out at me.  Sears is the bottom of the barrel in terms of the big name retailers.  They represent the low-end consumer.  I am extraordinarily familiar with their operations and the business debacle that Sears has been over the last few years after having been a vocal shareholder for several years.  This news is nothing short of stunning.  It not only shows that consumers are stronger than expected, but it shows that the analyst community is still very far behind the 8 ball in terms of gauging the economic strength.

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