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Radio Appearance: What Will it Take to Get the Economy Going Again?

I joined the guys on CNN radio again this week to discuss a wide range of topics.  Some of the things we touched on:

  • Why there is no quick fix for the economy.  The only REAL fix is TIME.
  • Why there’s a case for more stimulus.
  • Why the Fed’s policies are not the optimal fix.
  • Why the one channel through which monetary policy is most effective could actually makes things worse.
  • Why this was never a banking crisis.
  • Why housing doesn’t have much downside, but is unlikely to enter a v-shaped recovery.
  • Don’t run out and buy a home just because interest rates are low.
  • Why rates are unlikely to rise any time soon.
  • Why gold is still in a bull market.

You can hear the full segment here.

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