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Perry Mehrling’s Excellent Monetary System Course

Great stuff here from Perry Mehrling at Barnard College.  Mehrling is a heterodox economist with a lot in common with the Post-Keynesian views of the world.  This online macroecon course covers a lot of subjects that mesh nicely with Monetary Realism and goes into a lot of detail on banking, money and macro.  I wouldn’t say it’s 100% “in paradigm”, but the course is a wonderful educational tool that will really help you round out many of your understandings.  It will take you a few days to work through the entire course, but I highly recommend the entire thing.  It’s like going to an entire macroecon course for free!

You can sign up here to go through the lectures that have already been posted and then keep up with the updates through October.

The internet is awesome….

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