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Lessons From 2012….

Josh Brown has compiled a great list of lessons from 2012.  Mine will sound familiar:

Cullen Roche (Pragmatic Capitalism): in the face of fiscal cliffs, apocalyptic predictions and a persistent financial crisis, 2012 proved (once again) that measured optimism will always defeat persistent pessimism.

I’ve made a real concerted effort over the years when writing this site to always provide my actual unbiased opinion (whether optimistic, pessimistic or totally unpopular).  I knew from the second I started this website that it would be a lot more popular if I wrote about gold, Apple, and the end of the world every day.  But I’ve sacrificed quantity for (an attempt at) quality.  I don’t always get it right, but I wish it was a perspective that was more broadly adopted by writers and analysts in the financial space.  I presume that’s too much to ask when it’s quantity that rules the internet dollars.  As a supposed capitalist you’d think I’d have sold out sooner….

See the full list from Josh here.

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