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This is always a fun annual read from hedge funder Doug Kass (via The Street.com):

“1. The U.S. stock market approaches its all-time high in 2012.

2. The growth in the U.S. economy accelerates as the year progresses.

3. Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush form a bipartisan coalition that persuades both parties to unite in addressing our fiscal imbalances.

4. Despite the grand compromise, the Republican presidential ticket gains steam as year progresses, and Romney is elected as the forty-fifth President of the United States.

5. A sloppy start in arresting the European debt crisis leads to far more forceful and successful policy.

6. The Fed ties monetary policy to the labor market.

7. Sears Holdings declares bankruptcy.

8. Cyberwarfare intensifies.

9. Financial stocks are a leading market sector.

10. Despite the advance in the U.S. stock market, high-beta stocks underperform.

11. Mutual fund inflows return in force.

12. We’ll see merger mania.

13. The ETF bubble explodes.

14. China has a soft landing (despite indigestion in the property market), and India has a hard landing.

15. Israel Attacks Iran.”

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