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There’s a good chance you haven’t heard of Janet Tavakoli, but she is one of the few people who was calling for this crisis as early as 2003.  The credit expert even warned Federal regulators in a written statement about the problems in CDO’s and CDS’s long before most people even knew what these strange products were.

Her outlook is sobering.  She thinks Geithner’s PPIP is a “Bear Stearn’s hedge fund” and that the government has taken the completely wrong approach to the crisis.  It’s a long interview, but worth the time.


And a good video here from Michael Darda, one of the few analysts to get this crisis right. He has become VERY bullish:

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  1. Gary

    I think they are both right. I think everything is due for a correction but then a rally on more “better than expected” and “less bad” news should insue. That is if there isn’t a pandemic (which I doubt!). Ironically I am now getting sick. Long term things will probably go down again though. I don’t see how these government initiatives can work on the long term.

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