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Do We Really Understand Inflation?

I recorded a great podcast with Peter McCormack when I was in NYC last month. This one was a little different for me and I think you’ll enjoy it. Peter runs the What Bitcoin Did Podcast, one of the few Bitcoin podcasts I listen to regularly. Peter is a Bitcoin maximalist, but embraces his maximalism without a lot of the brash arrogance that you sometimes find in other Bitcoiners. He’s a great guy and very thoughtful. I loved talking to him.

We covered a whole range of topics. I think you’ll like this one.


00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:23 Inflation, causes and potential

00:11:29 Money printing myths & how some Bitcoiners overstate the inflation argument for Bitcoin

00:23:18 Economic growth and inflation

00:29:06 Economic crash, market intervention 

00:42:10 Bitcoin, role of government

00:54:59 Bitcoiners and financial advice

01:06:44 Bitcoin, nations, unprecedented uncertainty

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