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Debunking Common Investment Myths

I joined Dr. Daniel Crosby on the Standard Deviations podcast for a wide ranging discussion about portfolio management and navigating the conspiracy theories of the financial markets.

This one’s short and sweet at just over 30 minutes. We covered a lot of ground and Daniel is a great host. Check out his podcast here.

Tune in to hear:

– What is “all duration investing” and what behavioral upside might this approach have for investors?

– How can you better organize a bucketing approach to reflect those investments’ time horizons?

– What about the tendency for all time horizons to become today in the face of behavioral pressure – how can we protect ourselves from this?

– Why is the myth that “China owns the USA” constantly perpetuated?

– A lot of people think quantitative easing is just printing money – why is this a myth?

– Are governmental actions, or lack thereof, partially to blame for where we are at with inflation at the moment?

– Are we on the cusp of losing reserve currency status or is this a myth?

– Why does Cullen think there should be more nuance around the “buy and hold” principle?

– What are some pragmatic applications and implications of the financial myths that Cullen has busted on today’s episode?