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The 2012 predictions keep rolling in….This time Byron Wien of Blackstone offers his annual list of 10 predictions.  Bear in mind, he hasn’t done terribly well in the last few years (via Business Insider):

1.  Oil prices decline to $85 a barrel

2.  The S&P 500 heads above 1400

3.  Real GDP growth exceeds 3%, unemployment drops below 8%

4.  Obama runs against Romney in 2012

5.  Europe finally develops a long-lasting plan

6.  The computer becomes the new (terrorist) weapon of choice

7.  Investors go long on currencies of prudent governments

8.  Congress finds a way to cut $1.2 trillion over ten years

9.  The Arab Spring finally matures

10.  Emerging markets appreciate some 15 to 20%

Source: Business Insider

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