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Another nice “lessons” list here from Bruce Berkowitz of Fairholme (via Market Folly):

1. You always have to have cash, especially when no one else has it. (John Burbank of Passport Capital has said the same: “Cash is most valuable when others don’t have it.”)

2. No free lunch- it’s not free, or it’s not lunch.

3. You can’t change people! You can change yourself, but not others.

4. You only see reality under extreme stress- you want to get to know someone, you need to see them under extreme stress. (MF note: Completely baseless guess, but does anyone else think he’s possibly referencing the situation where Fernandez left FairholmeCap here?)

5. Volatility is not risk!

6. Always assume you will have bad luck.

7. Few variables to win. Once you have to think about more than 3 variables, your odds of winning are low.

8. If you have to use more than 6th grade math, you’re in trouble.

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