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Why Recession Forecasting Matters

I’ve started compiling important pieces and a few new (short) white papers at the Orcam website.  This one is about why Recession forecasting matters and why we have a “recession obsession”.   I want to start archiving some of these more important “insight” pieces on the Orcam site so, unfortunately, there will be some overlap between the two sites regarding content.  Sorry for any inconvenience, but I am trying to better condense some of my content into more concise and accessible ideas and understandings.

If you don’t subscribe to the Orcam feed, email or Twitter you might want to check out this page.  Also, the educational resource at the Orcam site compiles many of my favorite pieces from all over the net.  Check it out here.  I’ll be updating that page as time goes on so you might want to visit it from time to time for more resources.

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