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What Is the Greatest Investing Lesson from the Past Five Years?

I liked this poll from CFA Institute asking what the most important lesson from the past 5 years was.  The answers aren’t terribly surprising I guess:

59.16% – Central banks and govts will continue to bailout troubled creditors.

23.72% – Equity market structures having negative effects on market trust.

9.51% – Institutional creditors will be more prudent in lending.

3.8% – Systematically important financial institutions’ boards are working to manage risks arising from the companies’ complexity.

3.8% – Financial regulations will prevent systemic failures in the future.

Not sure I totally agree with all those, but it’s a great question.  What’s the greatest investing lesson from the past 5 years?  What a learning period it’s been.  If you had the good fortune of surviving this period in one piece you’ve no doubt accumulated a wealth of knowledge – assuming you weren’t asleep throughout it all.  What’s your greatest investing lesson of the last 5 years?


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