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Were You Scammed by the “Biggest Scam in the History of the World”?

A little over a year ago this video went viral on the internet garnering almost 3 million page views.  I immediately came saying that the video was highly misleading and that people should be extremely skeptical of those selling gold and silver based on obvious misunderstandings about the monetary system.  Sadly, I’ve gotten a number of emails in recent weeks from people who were “duped” by this video and bought big positions in gold and silver based on the video’s misleading portrayal of the hyperinflationary impact of QE.  Well, QE is coming to a close and we know, definitively, that all of the high inflation and hyperinflation predictions about QE were wrong.  And as this has been realized gold and silver prices have entered a truly horrific bear market.

Since the video was posted last year gold is down 9.5% and silver is down 28%.  Since their peaks gold is down 40% and silver is down 70%.  Those are extraordinary figures.

Anyhow, if you bought into this nonsense about gold, silver, QE and inflation then please do me a favor and read my original debunking of that video and then go read my paper on how QE works and how the monetary system works.  It will provide you with the knowledge to avoid people who are trying to separate you from your hard earned money.