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Macro Outlook Update – This Too Shall Pass

I joined Matt McCall on the Making Money show for an update on my macro outlook for the rest of the year and the coming years. It was a wide ranging interview and we covered a lot of ground. I am not super optimistic about the global economy in the coming 18 months and I think investors are going to have to continue to remain somewhat patient. But this doesn’t mean you should abandon your plan. As John Bogle liked to say, stay the course and be patient. I hope you enjoy the interview:

00:00 Cullen Roche intro

3:27 How to pick stocks that go against the trend

5:43 Are we near peak inflation?

10:39 Financial ramifications of a China/Taiwan war

11:38 Will you adjust your portfolio?

14:32 Repercussions of increased mortgage rates

16:59 When can investors start investing during a recession?

21:58 Portfolio allocation breakdown

26:39 Bond market crashes in perspective

29:10 What if interest rates don’t go down?

31:58 Who to blame for inflation? The Fed or Treasury?

37:25 Cullen’s final thoughts on the market