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Peter Thiel, of Clarium Capital, had a very interesting presentation at the Ira Sohn Conference.  His main points:

  • The government is very misguided in their economic recovery package
  • He likes tech companies that actually innovate.  Claims that most tech companies are a “fraud”.  Specifically dislikes Microsoft and other large tech companies that aren’t innovative, but huge licensing companies.
  • He is shorting the green shoots trade
  • He believes we are entering a world of massive inflation
  • Raw materials will become more expensive
  • Personal assets will deflate
  • There will be no v-shaped recovery.

For more on Clarium and Peter Thiel please see here and here.

Source: Zero Hedge and WSJ

  1. leefool

    i followed your links on Thiel and even though it brings your post the date of the post is nowhere to be found. Is there a way for you to enable showing the dates when following your links? It would put things into timeline…

  2. Cullen Roche

    Dates are always at the bottom of a single post just above the “add new comment”. The text is rather small so you just have to look hard for it….

  3. steve

    I like Thiel. It takes stones to short the green shoots trade, but it is interesting the way he is doing it. Lately, everything has been correlated – stocks up, bonds prices down, dollar down, commodities up. Sounds like he’s looking for a break in this correlation – i.e. stocks go down, but commodities continue to go up.

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