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The Success Indicator

2012 – I barely knew you.  Another year has passed and another one is ahead.  This is the single best of time year when you can begin to think about all the things you want to improve or achieve in the upcoming year.  Time management and goal achievement is all about planning.  If you’re not thinking ahead you’re falling behind.

Anyhow, I really liked this image I saw on Facebook about the difference between the way successful people view the world and the way unsuccessful people view the world. Obviously, there is no single indicator that is going lead to success and there’s certainly no holy grail to success, but I think this provides some pretty good general guidelines.  A lot of these are things I need to do some serious work on.  I hope you find it helpful and thought provoking as you plan the new year:

Successful people:

Compliment others

Forgive others

Accept responsibility for their failures

Keep a journal

Want others to succeed

Keep a “to be” list

Set goals and develop life plans

Continuously learn

Operate from a transformational perspective

Have a sense of gratitude

Give other people credit for their victories

Read every day

Talk about ideas

Share info and data

Exude joy

Embrace change

Keep a “to do” list.

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