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The Secret’s Out – Central Banks Manipulate Rates

I liked this quote over at Zero Hedge:

“The most bizarre thing to come out of the Barclays scandal, Zervos goes on to say, is the attack on the Bank of England and Paul Tucker. Is it really a scandal that central bank officials tried to affect interest rates? Absolutely NOT! That’s what they do for a living. Central bankers try to influence rates directly and indirectly EVERY day. That is their job. Congresses and Parliaments have given central banks monopoly power in the printing of money and the management of interest rate policy. These same law makers did not endow 16 commercial banks with oligopoly power to collude on the rate setting process in their privately created, over the counter, publicly backstopped marketplaces.”

In case you didn’t know it by now, central banks are in the business of manipulating rates.  That’s their primary policy tool and it always has been.  But don’t tell anyone.  If the secret gets out there might be lawsuits!

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