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The Return of Wall Street Week

Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser was probably the greatest financial TV show that ever aired. It was the show that got me into investing when I was a teenager and the last financial TV show that I watched with any real dedication. So I am excited to see that Anthony Scaramucci has purchased the rights to the show and is bringing it back in a modern format. You can catch the first episode here.

The first episode got off to a great start with Jeff Gundlach as the guest. I won’t give away the whole episode, but here were three actionable takeaways:

  • High yield bonds are the “next crisis” according to Gundlach.
  • MLPSs and REITs are riskier than many people think.
  • The Fed isn’t raising rates this year.

PS – I personally loved the old relaxed feel of the old show. The living room setting provided for a much more relaxed conversation. The Times Square set has a cold feel that takes away from the show.