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The Pragcap Ad Hominem Hall of Fame

It would be a crime if I kept these recent insults all to myself:

“Cullen Roche – what a blowhard.”

I’ve never actually understood what a blowhard is.  I guess I could figure it out if I really wanted to, but I think maybe I don’t.

“This guy is a delusional dictator wannabe.”

I’ve actually never wanted that kind of power or spotlight.  Too much pressure.

“Cullen’s obviously ignorant. “

This guy could be on to something there….

“This guy has his head up his butt. “

Okay, I understand the meaning there, but can anyone confirm if this is even possible?  I seriously doubt it.

“The author is a homophobic racist and an abject bore….”

I like how being an “abject bore” seems to be on par with being homophobic and racist in this guy’s book.   And yes, while I’m almost certainly an abject bore I am definitely not racist or homophobic.

“I suspect that Cullen Roche is a pen name that Krugman uses because everyone recognizes that he is a fool.”

Yes, all those back and forths we’ve had over the years about IS-LM and endogenous money – we couldn’t fool them Paul, I mean, Cullen, I mean, Paul…..Who am I?

None of those compare to my all-time favorite insult from just after I changed my profile picture to the suit at the beach picture:

“what kind of douche wears a suit to the beach?”

A tremendously good question.  To which I could only respond:

“Technically, I wasn’t at the beach. I was on a cliff overlooking the beach. So your question should be: “what kind of douche wears a suit to a cliff overlooking the beach”. To that, I do not have a great answer. 🙂 Sorry.”

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