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The Investors Podcast – Masterclass in Inflation

I joined The Investor’s Podcast for a special Masterclass in Inflation. In this episode we covered the following topics:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:45 – What is inflation, and what is it not

00:05:51 – How much of inflation is due to base effects

00:09:53 – How can expected inflation drive inflation

00:14:21 – If the current inflation is temporary

00:21:37 – How is inflation reflected in the real estate prices

00:28:27 – Why do we have regional differences in inflation

00:36:40 – If investors can profit from the interest rate parity

00:44:02 – If investors should take on debt in an inflationary environment

00:49:26 – Whether value stocks are a good investment in times of inflation

00:57:59 – Whether paper assets can be inflation-proofed?

01:04:29 – How Cullen Roche has positioned himself