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The Evidence Based Investing Conference

I am really excited to announce that I will be speaking on a panel at the upcoming Evidence Based Investing Conference in Dana Point, CA from June 25-June 27 hosted by the great people at Ritholtz Wealth.  My panel is titled:

“Is Economics an Evidence-Based Proposition?” Can investors make use of economic data in formulating strategies or managing expectations? Is economics an art or a science?

The panelists will include Mark Dow, Tim Duy and moderator Ben Carlson. It should be a ton of fun. The event has a crazy line-up of speakers including:

  • Jeff Gundlach
  • Michael Mauboussin
  • Rob Arnott
  • Barry Ritholtz
  • Kevin O’Leary
  • Josh Brown
  • Meb Faber
  • Patrick O’Shaugnessy
  • And tons of other really smart people (sorry I couldn’t list everyone!)

I am going to be one of the dumbest people speaking at this event so if you think you’ve learned a lot from me then attend this event and you’ll really learn a lot. Hope to see you there!