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The Best Ideas From “Delivering Alpha”

CNBC held their annual “Delivering Alpha” conference over the last few days and they had a well known collection of investment managers offer some of their favorite ideas.  I’ve collected a few of them here, but please note the usual disclaimer applies (ie, these aren’t my ideas and I don’t endorse them!):

  • Beau Tayler, Taylor Woods Capital – Long brent crude
  • Bill Ackman, Pershing Square Capital – Long PG and JCP
  • Bruce Richard, Marathon Asset Management – Long structured credits, high yield, avoid US govt debt.
  • Dwight Anderson – Buy farmland, avoid corn, wheat and grains.
  • Jim Chanos – Short HPQ
  • Marc Lasry, Avenue Capital – Buy European debt, particularly private banks.
  • Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group – Hold cash, better opportunities to buy distressed European debts are coming.
See a full list of ideas here.




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