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The 2020 Podcast World Tour Continues!

We took a break from the 2020 podcast world tour due to some engine problems in the old RV, but we got things working again and we’re back. Just kidding of course, I have been mindlessly working from home and jumping on Zoom calls every few hours.

This time I spoke with Jack Forehand and Justin Carbonneau from Validea Capital. Jack and Justin are great guys and super open-minded about how to navigate the financial markets. You should check out their website and follow them on Twitter if you don’t already.

In this episode we covered a whole slew of topics including:

  • Lessons from building my house (check out that mother ‘fer of a door in the background. Took us 7 hours, with a laser level, to get it right.)
  • How QE works and why people tend to exaggerate its impacts.
  • The impact of the huge 2020 fiscal stimulus.
  • The comeback of inflation…but don’t worry, this still isn’t the 1970s.
  • And much more.

I hope you enjoy.