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Today is as good a day as ever to give thanks to everyone out there who has contributed to the success of this website.   It was just one year ago that I started the site as an online journal and a place to vent my frustration over the credit crisis.  I never had any intention of letting my thoughts and research become mainstream, but information on the internet has a way of catching on…. I can still remember the days a year ago when I had 50 daily readers and posted just a few stories per week.   Many of you have been here from day one and have stuck with me through website problems, changes, bad investment calls, good investment calls and tons of thought provoking (and unprovoking) data.

All in all, it’s been an incredibly rewarding journey and I love the daily interaction and people I have met through the site.  I owe it all to the readers.  I am always amazed at the intelligence and courtesy of everyone that has become a part of the TPC community.   You might think that I am the one providing the service, but believe me, I learn something new every day here.

We live in truly interesting (and difficult) times. If I can help someone to better understand the markets and make more prudent financial decisions then I think I am helping push capitalism and the global economy in the right direction.   As I often say, I am here to help.  Don’t ever be afraid to take advantage of that.  I know I won’t be afraid to ask the same of the great people I’ve met through the site.

Thanks for everything.


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