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Thanks & Happy 4th

I know that all of the readers aren’t from the USA, but this  is one of the days where I get to stop thinking about financial markets and be appreciative of other things in life.  This website started as a personal journal and has transformed into something I never imagined it would.  I’ve always thought the internet was the ultimate learning resource and I’ve tried my best to contribute a small slice to that big library of educational resources.  But more importantly, it’s resulted in a place where intelligent and respectable people congregate to talk about money, finance, economics and life.  I’ve always tried to set the tone here by keeping the discussions on point, respectable and constructive.  But ultimately, it’s the readers who make that all possible.  So thanks for listening to me spout off over the years and more importantly, thanks for helping to harvest and contribute to an environment where much has been learned and much more will be taught.


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