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The following is from Decision Point:

One would think, after a three-week hiatus, that there would be plenty to write about the market. But there isn’t. The S&P 500 has drifted higher in an ever-narrowing ascending wedge pattern, making little progress. Since the mid-October top, the S&P 500 has only gained about 40 points. You can see on the chart that the price index has kind of oozed above the top of the wedge, but only by a tiny amount, and certainly not decisively. In my opinion, the ascending wedge has not yet been resolved, and the most likely resolution will be to the down side.

While I think a medium-term top is a strong possibility, I have no reason to think that a long-term top is likely. My Chart Spotlight article of 12/18/2009 still reflects my view for all time frames. Our Thrust/Trend Model (T/TM) is still on a buy signal as of 3/17/2009.

Bottom Line: We have been in an extended period of low volatility, and a period of high volatility is sure to follow. That will probably materialize as a medium-term correction; however, the long-term technical outlook is positive.

Source: Decision Point