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Steve Keen, the Australian economist, who accurately predicted the coming debt crisis, has joined the growing ranks of experts and investors who believe Ben Bernanke should not be reconfirmed.  In this piece Keen lays out damaging economic proof against Bernanke.  This is a must read for anyone who is on the fence and should be required reading for each and every member of Congress who is taking part in this important vote next week.

“Bernanke, as the neoclassical economist most responsible for burying Fisher’s accurate explanation of why the Great Depression occurred, is therefore an eminently suitable target for the political sacrifice that America today desperately needs. His extreme actions once the crisis hit have helped reduce the immediate impact of the crisis, but without the ignorance he helped spread about the real cause of the Great Depression, there would not have been a crisis in the first place.”

Source: Steve Keen’s Debt Watch

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