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Count on the flu to strike right when the North Koreans hack into my website and try to hold me hostage for ransom. They insisted that I must be incredibly wealthy because I understand money, but I assured them that wasn’t the case. Luckily, they accept dogs and chickens as a means of payment so I was let loose without a scrape.

Of course, that stuff only happened in my imagination, but I’ve felt like a prisoner in my own mind for the last 48 hours as I got a bit sick and my web servers started acting up. If you’ve been trying to reach me it’s probably best to email me at cullenroche AT orcamgroup DOT com as some of the emails sent in the last 24 hours likely didn’t get to their destination. Things are slowly coming back up now so sorry for the web problems and the radio silence. My European intelligence officers tell me they’re planning to stimulate the economy through some form of “money printing” so I’ll probably have to look into that report and verify its truthiness. I’ll be back to full speed in no time.