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In an effort to make The Pragmatic Capitalist site a bit more multidimensional we’ve overhauled the layout and added some new features.   This layout is much more dynamic and will give me the flexibility to add new bloggers to the site, new topics and a variety of other elements that will help expand the usefulness of the overall site to readers.  The site changes are still in their early stages so any criticism (preferably of the constructive kind) is welcome.  I’m planning to add a number of new tabs in the “categories” section and possibly even add another writer who can provide readers with a different outlook from myself.  If you have any suggestions or desires this is your time to voice them.  I’m particularly interested in what categories or tabs readers would like to see.  I’ve created a few examples below.  Let me know what you think.  The site could remain a bit of an eye sore for a few days while I fix up the styling, but I think it will look good when finished.  And please excuse me if posting is slow for the next 24 hours….

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