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Reminiscences of Marty Zweig

This is a good read here from Liz Ann Sonders of Schwab.  Zweig’s book “Winning on Wall Street” was one of the first books I ever read about this business.  It left an indelible impression on me even though my views have probably evolved far from his.

Here’s Sonders:

“On February 18, while on vacation, I received a shocking phone call. My first mentor and boss, Wall Street icon Marty Zweig, had passed away. I’ve been extremely blessed throughout my 27-year career to work with some of the most transformative and legendary folks in the business. Marty was one.

I worked for him (and his partner at Avatar Associates, Ned Babbitt) for 13 years, starting in 1986 after I graduated from college. Another would be Louis Rukeyser, with whom Marty and I shared the “stage” on Wall $treet Week for many years as regular panelists. And of course, I’ve had the great thrill of working for Chuck Schwab since 2000. It doesn’t get any better than learning from these legends over the past 27 years.”


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