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Read of the Day: What is Jeff Gundlach Buying These Days?

David Schawel recently wrote an excellent piece updating the latest moves from bond guru Jeff Gundlach.  It’s a very good deep dive into the holdings of one of the great fixed income investors of our time:

Few bond fund managers attract as much attention as DoubleLine Capital’s Jeffrey Gundlach. His firm has seen its assets under management grow to more than $45 billion in just over two years since its founding. Although these assets span a multitude of fund vehicles, by far the largest is the DoubleLine Total Return Fund (DBLTX), which held almost $35 billion as of 25 October. I am always anxious to see portfolio changes made in this fund, and I recently had the opportunity to take a close look at the fund holdings as of 30 September, which can give some valuable insight into how fixed income investors might consider positioning their portfolios.

Read more here.

For more from Gundlach see this CNBC Video in which he says he’s shorting Apple and sees a price target of $425.  He’s also not very optimistic about the resolution of the fiscal cliff.

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