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1.  If you were short yesterday did you vomit all over yourself when the market went positive at 3:30PM after having been down 100 earlier in the session?

2.  Looks like John Chambers doesn’t think the economy is going to experience a v-shaped recovery (and we’re talking about the most optimistic guy that ever graced Wall Street)….

3.  Did anyone else see that BS move in AIG?  That’s another reason to stick to what you know.  If you can’t understand a company balance sheet you don’t buy it AND you certainly don’t short it….AIG suffered THREE different massive short squeezes yesterday in one session.

4.  Back to school sales are off to a weak start.  Who would have thought the consumers are weak?  Oh hell, give ’em $4,500 so they can take out a new car loan….

5.  Tech was weak again yesterday.  Are we seeing the end of the recent beta trade?

6.  The banks ripped yesterday.  If you had told me banks stocks would be higher by 3.5% I would have told you the market would be up at least 1%.

7.  Breadth is usually the first crack in the foundation before a major sell-off.  Could the price discrepancy in tech, oil and bank stocks be the first signs that the market is rolling over?

8.  Has anyone else noticed the parabolic move in REITs?   Could pose a problem for the financials in the coming weeks as those sorts of moves are unsustainable….

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