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Radio Interview: My Macro Thoughts

I did an interview this morning with John Langston on Straight Talk Money in Houston.  Some of the topics we touched on:

  • This amazing phenomena where water falls from the sky in San Diego.
  • Why the housing market is a buy for long-term holders, but still a risky bet for those speculating in real estate.
  • Why we’ve seen a refi boom and why interest rates are likely to stay low.
  • Why learning from the balance sheet recession matters.
  • How politicians, pundits and famous market prognosticators misunderstand the monetary system and why.
  • I discuss my new financial firm, Orcam Financial Group and how I’m hoping to create a company that helps empower individual investors through better understand the monetary system, financial markets and giving them the understanding to feel more confident taking more control over their finances.
  • And lastly, we cover what I would say to the country about the fiscal cliff and what we should do about it.

You can find the full interview here.

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