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Just in case you haven’t gotten your fill of the QE discussions in recent months (how do I have any readers at this website?) I bring you one of the most complete explanations of QE and its likely (non) impact by Scott Fullwiler and Randall Wray.  This is an absolute must read:

“Like its predecessor, QE1, QE2 is unlikely to seriously impact either of the Fed’s dual objectives, however, for the following reasons: (1) additional bank reserves do not enable greater bank lending; (2) the interest rate effects are likely to be small at best given the Fed’s tactical approach to QE2, while the private sector is attempting to deleverage at any rate, not borrow more; (3) purchases of Treasuries are simply an asset swap that reduce the maturity and liquidity of private sector assets but do not raise incomes of the private sector; and (4) given the reduced maturity of private sector Treasury portfolios, reduced net interest income could actually be mildly deflationary.”


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