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I had a pretty good response from the last Q&A so I’m going to make this a regular thing here at Pragcap.   This is your opportunity to ask me anything you want.   It can be about macro, market specific, theoretical, why your kids don’t love you, why the market never goes down, what is true love, anything….So fire away and we’ll take the 5 best questions and put the answers up Monday.  If you see a question you really want answered then add a +1 below or just tell me you really want me to answer that one.  But bear in mind, I don’t know everything and in fact I think I might be getting dumber as I get older so deal with it.  And also, no questions about women and dating.  I’ve been out of the dating game for 10 years so you don’t want my advice.  On second thought – if you’re single and male – buy a cute puppy and take it for walks where there are women.  You’ll figure out the rest.  But the puppy grows fast so your window is narrow.  Time is your most important resource – use it wisely.  If you’re female and you want my advice then I can’t help you out.  I am still trying to figure out why any of you are interested in us.  Okay that’s enough, fire away….

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