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Goldman Sachs expects Q1 GDP to come in at -7%.  I’ve heard rumors that the number could be as low as 10% after revisions.  While this is obviously negative there is a bright side to the data:  one year after each of the 10 worst GDP readings the market was up on average 25%.


This appears to fit in nicely with my longer-term thesis and predictions.  While I have been very bearish for years I continue to think there will come a time during this year where my long-term outlook changes drastically to the bull camp.  I don’t like to look out much more than a quarter in advance (because I don’t believe the market discounts much more than a quarter in advance) so I’ll take the data as it comes and change my market outlook accordingly, but as of now it looks like Q1 might just end up being a trough or a near trough in U.S. GDP which would certainly be a positive sign for the economy.

Stay tuned….