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A look inside the portfolio of the hedge fund manager who seems to do no wrong:

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  1. vfsv

    Am I reading this correctly that he is “short”(??) (SH /PRN) all these positions?

    What was the date of this filing?

  2. vfsv

    Sorry, please excuse my ignorance.
    —I did a little research (duh!?!) & believe “sh” is “shares”. (So what is “prn”?) —Therefore he is (or was) long these positions?
    —If so, that looks like a BIG gold position, esp GLD.

    FWIW, I am suprised both by the financials: (COF, JPM,…) & that he is holding healthcare in the face of possible government intervention which is likely to depress insurers (competing with “free”) & providers (getting lower reimbursement rates).

  3. Cullen Roche

    You got it right. Short positions aren’t reported on 13-Fs. This is the most recent report. And yes, he has been building some large positions in gold related names.

    Of course, it’s important to note that this is probably a very small portion of his portfolio. Paulson uses a lot of derivatives.

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