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No Gray Beard Here….

(Personal post with a small chance of being humorous)…

It’s not always easy being a young man in an older man’s game. I know that I likely won’t have much credibility until I’ve got gray hairs growing out of my ears and one foot in the grave, but I did want to clarify something. Someone forwarded me this comment on another blog saying that I look 12 years old:

Cullen Roche of “Pragmatic Capitalism” may look like he’s 12 (check the bottom of the link), but he often  makes salient points and he causes me to think.

crThis is not true though. I have not been 12 years old for over 22 years.  Yes, I might look like I am 12, but I can assure you I am not. More importantly, I am pretty sure that my mind is 34 going on 74. My friends sometimes joke that there’s an old man inside me just waiting to scream at some kids on my front lawn. That actually sounds pretty good to me so long as I am in a rocking chair with my dog at my side. Also, I question how much I cause other people to think, but that’s a different topic.

Anyhow, this isn’t the first time someone has criticized my profile pictures. I was once referred to as a “douche at the beach” for cullen-rochewearing a suit on the beach. This too was wrong though. I was a douche on a cliff overlooking a beach. Technically, I never stepped foot on the beach that day. I am a stickler for details as you know – particularly if you must insult me (which is often well deserved).

Anyhow, I’ve temporarily changed the profile picture to more accurately reflect my state of mind. If you must criticize it please be kind. I might look young, but I am starting to feel quite old….