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Mish notes this rather humorous CNBC poll that is running today.  What’s not so humorous is that a full 96% of voters say they do not have confidence in the Fed Chairman’s handling of the economy:

Now, this is no “scientific survey” (according to CNBC), but the results are really staggering.  This is a vote of no confidence from fairly informed market watchers.  I won’t rehash all of my 2009 arguments when I said Dr. Bernanke had no business being Fed Chief in the first place (or being reappointed), but I certainly still stand by those comments.  I think President Obama made a huge error in judgment when reappointing this man.  And if we actually lived in a world by the people and for the people the most powerful non-elected person in the world would be out of a job (and not by a slim margin).

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