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Leon Cooperman: 5 Reasons to be Bullish

You won’t find many investors with an all encompassing market understanding like Leon Cooperman.  He’s one of the only investors I know of who has a truly comprehensive micro and macro perspective.  In fact, his views on value investing combined with a macro approach are so well thought out that I find myself questioning my own top down approach every time I hear Cooperman speak.  You should check out his interview with Barry Ritholtz if you haven’t listened to it.

I tuned into Bloomberg for a few minutes yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find him discussing the markets.  He offered five reasons to remain bullish:

  1. This would be the first time the market has peaked before a Fed tightening since 1950.
  2. Bear markets come about for a reason, usually caused by recession, overvaluation, hostile Fed or geopolitical event.  He sees the risk of all these overblown.
  3. Individual investors aren’t bullish enough.  He doesn’t see enough euphoria.
  4. We’ve already seen a significant correction with the average common stock down 20% over the last 52 weeks.
  5. There are no good alternative investment options relative to stocks.

Source: Bloomberg